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7 Ways To Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen [Infographic]

You would certainly have invested thousands of dollars in your new car and the last thing that you would want is to realize that your car has been stolen. Here are a few useful and time tested tips that could help prevent robberies and burglaries as far as your car is concerned.

7 Ways To Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

7 Ways To Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

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  • Always Know Where Your Key Are

Most car thefts occur because of misplacing of the keys and therefore this is the first important lesson when it comes to avoiding stealing of cars. Many customers make the mistake of keeping the duplicate keys inside the cars in some indiscreet place believing that it is safe. The spare key should always be with you preferably outside the car.

  • Ensure Your Vehicle Is Fully Secured

Whenever a car is parked either in your home or in some parking lot, you have to make sure that all doors and windows are fully closed and secured. During summer many of us tend to keep the windows open so that the insides of the car remain cool. This should be avoided at all costs.

  • The Importance Of Intelligent Parking

When you need to park your car, you must always bear in mind the area and place where it is being parked. Choosing ill lit and desolate areas for parking cars is best avoided. Avoid road side parking and go in for parking garages or specified parking lots which are manned and secured adequately.

  • Never Keep Valuables Inside The Car

According to statistics and figures car thieves and burglars get attracted to valuables inside the car. If they come across purses and wallets lying carelessly on car seats, they would not mind taking the risk of breaking into the car and trying their luck. Quite often car owners leave behind mobile phones, iPhones, laptops and other valuables on the car, which is a big giveaway to robbers.

  • The Importance Of Anti Theft Device

Insurance companies offer better premiums to cars which have manually anti theft and burglar alarm systems installed. These devices are not very expensive and they certainly deter thieves and robbers and therefore you must not hesitate to have them installed even if you car stays indoors for a significant period of time.

  • Never Leave Your Car Running

You must ensure that your car engine is turned off when not in use. Many times, the car is kept running in front of the house or office of the car owner presuming that everything is safe. However, according to figures and statistics most of the car thefts happen near the homes and offices of the owners. This is because quite often the cars have been left running.

  • Use Technology To Your Advantage

In spite of the best of care and preventive steps, theft of cars cannot be ruled out. If it does happen, you must try and fall back on technology to trace out the movements of the stolen vehicle. By installing GPRS based devices in your car it is possible to keep a tab on the movements of the stolen car. Regular feedback and updates could help the police to trace the location of the car and nab the culprits.

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