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Alternative Garage Space Uses

Here at Car Ninja, you know what our favourite use of our garage spaces is. We offer such a huge variety of styles of cars, and they frequently call these garages their homes. Did you know that the word “garage” comes from the French term for shelter- “garer”? The number of homes with a garage built before 1960 was 60%. That number has since risen to more than 80%.  It makes sense, as we take great pride in our cars and want to ensure that they’re kept safe and sound. We’re not the only company that thinks so. Today, we’re partnering with our friends at Australia Heritage Homes. They’re pretty well-versed in garages as so many of the homes that they build have beautiful, custom garages integrated into the design. So we’re going to mix things up and discuss what happens if you don’t need to use your garage for a car.

3 Ways To Use Extra Garage Space

Home Gym

Garages are frequently designed and built with materials that will keep adverse weather away. This means both the cold and the heat, so they’re the perfect temperature to get some exercise in. They are designed to be simple and dynamic so you can use the space however you please. There have been big trends recently in the athletics industry around cross fit. Cross fit gyms use a lot of equipment that’s not affixed to the walls, so this doesn’t need to be a long term use of the space. You can also install workout equipment like punching bags or pull-up bars directly into the walls or ceilings of the space.

Garage Space Uses

She-Shed Or Man Cave

We’re going to be equal opportunists here. The man cave has a bit more a storied past, but the she-shed has begun to see its heyday. Unfamiliar with either? They’re basically either part of a couple’s place to escape and have some well-deserved alone time. This means that this space is yours to command. You can put in a bar for a cold one at the end of a long day or a couch to enjoy a book that you’ve been meaning to pick up for a while. There are no rules in these spaces, except of course when others can enter them.


Yes, we know this is the most boring of the three, but it can also be the most necessary. That doesn’t mean that you need to use your garage to store dozens of boxes that you and your family have forgotten about. Your garage can be a really great organizational tool for the items and memories that you don’t need to reference every day. You can install bookcases and shelves so that these items are still easily accessible, should you need to find them quickly. Fun examples include old family photos, costumes or clothes that you’ve grown out of or papers and classwork from days gone by. This will solve a couple of different problems – space within the general home, as well as any nostalgia that you may have from time to time.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. And be sure to check out the Australian Heritage Homes for more useful information.

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