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Liqui Moly Vs Mobil 1

Liquid Moly vs Mobil 1 – Is it Better for Car Engine? – 2021

Liquid fuel is an important part of our existence. They’re food for the beloved rides we own and are used every day to figure, in adventures, sports, and at the tip of the day to induce back home. With our ever-changing demands, manufacturers keep updating their vehicle models; be it two-wheeled or four-wheeled, differing types require different types of fuel.

Liqui Moly and Mobil 1 are two of the foremost widely used gas. But what exactly are their differences? Aren’t they presupposed to just combust and produce enough energy to form us move forth? No, you want it to have been that straightforward. A sincere user should have a transparent idea about what he’s being accompanied with. That’s what shouts aloud for a discussion.

Liqui Moly Vs Mobil 1


You might think that there isn’t much difference. Trust me, this is a myth. If you go and talk to other consumers or Observer, I’m sure, they have something else to tell.


If I keep it short and crisp, then Liqui Moly tends to last long whereas, Mobil 1 tends to burn off faster than Liqui Moly.


Mobil 1 is quite old and dominating in the market and is mostly considered the best synthetic oil. On the other side, Liqui Moly tends to offer the right motor oil for all sorts of vehicles in the world.


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Comparing both the huge oil companies could be a cumbersome task, but making it simple for you, we have already done it.  Take a look below:

Mobil 1Liqui Moly
Guaranteed to provide a 10,000 miles engine service.Can go around between 5000-10,000 miles.
Enhanced technology tends to improve resistance to oil breakdown.Proven to deliver less wear and longer life.
Fosters rapid oil delivery at both high and low temperaturesLiqui Moly tends to deliver performance up to -40C to +280C.
Enhances the engine performance and engine lifeReduces oil consumption & keeps your engine tidy
Manufactured using a new lubricating technology that offers an extended service life and thorough driving.The expected life expectancy is of 5 years, even if you store in a dry place at a temperature between +5C and +30 C.
Tested and proven technology with extended oil life.Extra additives further effects heat and unbeatable for modern engines.
Recommended for both gasoline and diesel Engine (do refer to manual once)Recommended for gasoline and diesel Engine (Check your manual for further assistance)

Call to Attention Points



Mobil 1 offers an extended Performance with High Mileage of 5W-30 advanced full synthetic fuel is intended to shield critical engine parts for up to 20,000 miles between oil changes. It further helps the lifetime of the vehicle and intensifies it to 75,000 miles.
On the opposite hand, Liqui Moly offers oil change intervals of up to 30,000/50,000 km as mentioned in the oil’s description.


Life Expectancy


As customers, we all rummage around for products which will accompany us within the future and won’t really bother us with the purchasing of the identical thing over and over during a short span of your time.


Liqui Moly has a powerful life warranty of a minimum of 5 years. It offers an excellent enduring power over excessive heat and weather conditions whereas, Liqui Moly, Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil has been tested and proven to produce outstanding performance. It provides engine protection for only up to 1 year or for 20,000 miles.


Manufacturing Country


Mobil 1 motor oils have been manufactured in Beaumont, Texas, and are distributed all over North and South America. They are produced under the brand name “ExxonMobil”.


However, to ensure consistently high quality, Liqui Moly’s oils and other additives exclusively produced in Germany.



Mobil 1 oil costs more than other products present out in the market. Nonetheless, it claims to be cost-efficient in the long run as it tends to deliver more miles before the mandatory oil change

In contrast, Liqui Moly is considered way more expensive than any other oil brand in the market. As the CEO of the cooperate states himself –“We deliver the best, not the cheapest.”



Mobil 1 is one of the trusted brands with a huge number of users. They are suitable for all sorts of vehicles including two to four-wheeled rides yet they lack some sort of variation.

Whereas, on the other hand, Liqui Moly offers an amazing number of 4,000 types of motor oil for the convenience of their fellow customers.

What to choose?


If budget s your sole concern, then I recommend you Mobil 1 is your type. The Mobil 1 is surely cheap if compared to the price of the Liqui Moly. It is a trusted brand for decades now offering adequate mileage, extended shelf life tends to prove the right sort of motor oil for any sort of vehicle.

Definitely, you cannot judge the efficiency of the Liqui Moly if you are willing to pay the price then surely it can turn out to be a good choice.



One of these motor oils is a classic tradition that has been used over and over generations whereas, the trend for the other one is constantly rising. Mobil 1, has been as best-selling motor oil for decades now. But if you want something better now with glowing brightly standards, then Liqui Moly can be an appropriate choice.


Q1. What is the difference between motul vs liqui moly?

Ans: For the typical population, both the motor oils are identical, but for an expert, they may vary. According to experts, Motul offers maximum performance in this area with ratings up to 14, whereas Liqui Moly only offers 11 to 12. The rating justifies that means liqui moly might tend to provide adequate protection against extreme weather conditions (hot or cold both). In case of such weather conditions, this can lead to an increased chance of breakdowns during those times!

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