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how to reset transmission control module chevy

How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

How To Reset The Transmission Control Module On A Chevy

The Chevy transmission control module is designed to provide the driver with a pleasant driving experience. It does this by monitoring and adjusting many of the car’s systems, such as throttle response, fuel injection rates, and shift point timing. This can cause problems if it fails.
Our experts have compiled a list for fast and straightforward transmission adjustments, which further requires no tools. Plus, this method works well, so long as your car moves very slowly before you do anything.
One way to fix these issues is to reset your transmission control module – here are some tips on doing so!

how to reset transmission control module chevy

Steps To Resetting Transmission Control Module:

Step 1: Turning Key Position

Before you begin resetting, the transmission control module is to travel through the critical position. First of all, you would like to vary the key and set it to 2.

Check your car’s dashboard lights. Confirm the dashboard lights are visible. When the lights are visible, you’re ready for the subsequent step.

However, within the initial step, it’s unnecessary to tread the gas and begin the vehicle. It doesn’t do so at first. After specifying the essential critical setting, you need to quite careful.

Listen to the various sounds carefully. There’ll be two clicks. And also, at that time, the dashboard lights will come on. Also, within this scenario, don’t activate the engine.

Step 2: Press the foot lever

Once you have finished with the previous step, you must travel to the subsequent action to step the accelerator pedal.

Now all you’ve got to try and do is press the treadle. Make sure to press it down. Hold on to the pedal down to activate the kick-down switch.

Activating the Kick-Down switch is all you would like. Keep pressing the treadle, and still the following step.

Step 3: Keep Waiting

Now, if you’re here to reset your Chevy’s transmission control module, you ought to be a bit patient. You can’t expect faster changes.

However, you merely need 10 minutes during this step. As mentioned above, don’t take pressure off the accelerator pedal.

Within this point frame, all you would like to try to is stick around. 10-12 seconds are enough for the pedal to start out working for the whole reset process. Press the pedal and wait.

Step 4: Turning the Key Off

After putting your foot on the foot pedal for about 10-12 seconds, you wish to travel ahead and return to the key. However, don’t release the pedal.

Note that you simply must keep your feet on the pedal and has to perform the fundamental steps. Just keep in mind that before you had the keys turned to 2?
Yes, now you’ve got to travel through it and switch it back to its previous position.

how to reset transmission control module chevy


All you would like to try and do is turn them off. Together with your hands, turn the key to zero. You will be within the habit of setting the key to zero and removing it.

However, within this scenario, you’ll refrain from doing precisely the same. You can not pull out the key. After turning the access to its initial position, you want to keep the key there. One thing to stay in mind is that this procedure doesn’t apply to all the models.

Before going further, do check your model and further recognize whether or not you’re required to get rid of the key. However, in most Chevy designs, the key’s not removed.

Step 5: Releasing gas

Once you have got set the key within the home position, you’ll stop pressing the accelerator.

Most times, people get careless and take the pedal out even before turning the key, but we don’t want you to repeat the identical mistake!

Therefore, confirm you have got stayed along with your feet on the pedal during the previous step. And only take the force off the gas after you have finished turning the key to the zero position.

Step 6: Wait Again

We can understand that you simply don’t want to attend. But starting with this so will help make the restart process easier. In the wake of taking your foot off the accelerator, you ought to give your Chevy a rest.

Your engine must rest for about 2-3 minutes. Ensure you’ve got kept the key left within the ignition where it’s within the off position. don’t shift the key around. Take your time, then travel to the following part.

Step 7: Ready

Therefore, you’re almost practically through with the procedure. You have got done the Engine Control Unit process together with the Transmission Control Unit process.

All you would like to try to now could be drive! The TCU process, together with the ECU, will work cooperatively. they’re going to attempt to get to grasp your driving technique. they’re going to certainly check your driving pattern and be sure of that too.

When it’s finished, the TCU also because of the ECU programming, you ought to take your car for a ride. The trip may take 15 to twenty minutes.

You must confine your mind that you simply are educating your engine exactly how you drive. Therefore, don’t try and persist in a race.
I hope you don’t race your car all the time, do you?

If not, then ensure you select an honest speed. The speed at which you always drive your car is the speed during this case too.

Make sure the transmission you choose is typical and smooth. That way, you’ll move your gearbox effortlessly and have something new in your car.

Can I have A Rough Time During The Transmission Control Module Reset Porocess?

No, this is an easy and straightforward procedure. It will not cause any issues that you should be worried about because it’s safe to do on your own without the help of tools or a mechanic.
Furthermore, if your car moves very slowly before you do anything, this is a good sign that it will work well.
*Cleaning the transmission, as mentioned before, is one way to stop dirt from going in and causing issues with your TCM.
*Another tip for avoiding dirty transmissions is to make sure you change your vehicle’s oil on time every three months or so.
*You might also need to take the car for an oil change if you notice that it leaks a lot from the transmission fluid line or around your vehicle’s rear end.

how to reset transmission control module chevy


Q1.What can make a TCM go bad?

There are two ways a TCM can go wrong. One of the simplest is if dirt, grime, saltwater or industrial sludge gets into your vehicle’s transmission system. another possible reason for TCM can go wrong is short-circuited. The short circuits in the actuator are either caused by thermal stress or harmful vibrations or by water in the circuitry. Voltage overload could also be one of the possible reasons for making TCM bad.

Q2.How do I know if my transmission control module is bad?

When your car isn’t shifting correctly, it’s likely because the transmission control module has been malfunctioning since its original repair. You can also tell if it’s terrible by checking your car’s transmission fluid. If you have a low level, there is an internal leak somewhere in the system and needs to be repaired immediately.

Q3.If my TCM was replaced before, how do I know when it’s time to replace it again?

Typically after 60,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first.

Q4.What are the possible causes of my TCM malfunctioning?

The most common cause is overheating from transmission fluid that has leaked all over your car’s engine and then evaporated in the hot sun, causing damage to circuits in the actuator. This can be caused by thermal stress, repeated cycles of hot-cold, or a foreign object resisting circulation.

Q5.What are the symptoms of my TCM malfunctioning?

When your transmission control module malfunctions, it will leak fluid all over your engine and cause other issues with the car’s functionality, such as slipping gears, popping out of equipment at an intersection because the car couldn’t find the gear and difficulty in starting.

Q6.How much fluid should I add to my transmission?

If you’re unsure of how much trans fluid your car needs, then consult with a mechanic who has experience working on cars like yours or follow these steps: when parked, turn off the engine and wait for it to cool; open hood & locate fluid dipstick; remove the old fluid in a container and replace with new trans fluid.

Q7.How do I know whether my transmission needs to be replaced?

If your car continues to have issues after resetting, it is likely time to replace the entire unit, including sensors, solenoids, seals & gaskets.

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